We are committed to producing the best quality pork in the industry, and constantly striving for excellence. We value and respect our customers and employees. Above all, we are passionate about what we do. 


Our employees are required to certify in PQA (pork quality assurance) every 3 years. For caretakers,’ TQA (transport quality assurance) handling is now included in PQA. TQA is still required for any of our workers who transport.


Each site has a site assessment done every 3 years. Policy books are placed in each barn for reference.

Animal Care

Employees must review and sign an animal welfare contract upon hiring. Mandatory meetings are yearly for review. It is our moral and ethical obligation to treat animals humanely. By signing the agreement, each employee understands proper animal care, and accepts that handling will be made a top priority in their jobs. NT works closely with our vets to ensure our employees are following protocol, and our pigs are remaining healthy.


Our pigs are fed soy, corn, and dried distiller grains, which are the three main ingredients in their diet. These ingredients alone, contribute to providing the best high-quality pork possible.

Mission Statement

A company based on providing great tasting high quality pork for the world by using only the best of ingredients grown here locally, and by employing loyal men and women who understand and maintain the latest in technology for good animal husbandry to help further the pork industry into the next century.